Why I don’t promote or recommend this blog (yet)

So I write this blog here but I don’t post about it on facebook, don’t send links to it to people unless I naturally mention it in a conversation and they specifically ask for it. Although most of the times I don’t send a link even when that happens. I recognise that it is an unusual situation.

Why I write this blog? I can only guess the reasons because I use emotions to make such decisions, not explicit verbal reasoning. Reasons I can think of are:

  • It makes my reasoning clearer and helps me to make decisions
  • Some thoughts in my head repeat over and over because I don’t want to forget them. Writing them down fixes it. It acts like an extension of my memory.
  • I like writing a lot

Sometimes I do think about writing a facebook status update that promotes my blog or something like that. But when I ask why would I do it, reasons that come to my mind are:

  • To impress a women a like
  • To impress another women I like
  • To impress any women I’ll like in the future when we become friends on facebook
  • To seem smarter to my friends, gain more respect
  • Facebook “likes” make me feel good
  • To surprise everyone that I have a blog but haven’t mentioned it for so long. That would make me look very humble and strange in the eyes of others. And I do want to look humble and strange.

Ew. No, I do not want to feed such reasons. I used to feed them, my old blog was written mostly to impress one girl. Trying to impress a women in a direct way usually makes them like you less and it’s ew in general. I am not saying that doing something to impress others is always bad, that is a much more complex topic. I’m just saying that in this case it’s ew for me. Person I want to become would not do anything for these reasons. And, of course, the blog could do the opposite of impressing because of the content.

What is more, if I would promote my blog, I would write differently so I could impress people more. The more goals I try to achieve simultaneously while writing a blog post, the worse I will be at achieving any one of them.

Furthermore, there are so many better texts on the internet. If I am going to promote some text, why not promote a text that will be more interesting and helpful? E.g. http://www.paulgraham.com/disagree.html or http://lesswrong.com/lw/2as/diseased_thinking_dissolving_questions_about/

Why make my blog public then? Well, I used to write a diary before, but it was unorganised so it didn’t help me to organise my thoughts as much and I didn’t like writing it that much. Knowing that someone could read my blog forces me to be organised. It also forces me to avoid reasoning mistakes because I don’t want to look stupid. Although, the more people read it, the more careful my reasoning is and currently it’s probably not careful enough.

If I write a text that I think others should read and I don’t find a good place to post it, I will post it here and promote it in social media. Because I shouldn’t go out of my way to avoid impressing other people either. Probably.


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